Stabliometry is one of the most modern tests for evaluating the Balance System and acts as an adjuvant to ENG, VNG, CCG, VEMP etc. The stabilometry machine manufactured by Politecnica of Italy that we have in our clinic is a very costly computerized machine that objectively documents the instability in a standing patient. The stabilometry machine in our clinic also has a therapeutic module by which we can impart balance improving training to our patients of instability. Many patients come to our clinic complaining of generalized INSTABILITY, but many of these are actually of psychogenic origin and do not actually have any documentable instability. This test allows us to know if there is actually any definite instability or whether it is of psychogenic origin. The stabilometry test allows us to evaluate instability in different conditions like with eyes open, eyes closed (i.e., with and without visual input), when standing on a hard surface with good proproioceptive input and when standing on a soft surface with inadequate proprioceptive inputs and also when looking at a moving visual field (i.e., with optokinetic stimulation). Patients with defects in the optokinetic system or if there is a bilateral vestibulopathy often complain of instability in shopping malls and while seeing moving objects like a passing train in a railway station. All this can be documented and measured by Stabilometry. Stabilometry is static posturography.