Ocular VEMP

This form of the Vestibular  Evoked Myogenic Potential test  called ocular VEMP or oVEMP evaluates the utricle which is the sensor in our balance organ (vestibular labyrinth) inside the ear to sense any linear movement in the forward-backward and side to side directions. In disorders of the utricle the balance organ cannot accurately sense any to and fro movement as well as any linear movement to the left or right sides. This causes a sense of imbalance. Evaluation of utricular function is very important in all patients presenting with vertigo or imbalance. In Vertigo and Deafness clinic at BJ252, Salt Lake Kolkata we have the most sophisticated set ups for  functional evaluation of the utricle through the oVEMP test. The ocular VEMP is tested in the Otometrics EP200 system as well as in the Interacoustic s Eclipse systems.  In our clinic we have multiple systems for oVEMP testing. In essence the test consists of  stimulating the utricle in the inner  by presenting a sound to the ear and then recording the response of the utricle by monitoring the contraction of the eye muscles. It is a very sophisticated computerised test but is non invasive and absolutely painless; and what is more important is that it does not cause any spinning sensation. In cooperative patients it hardly takes 15-20 minutes time.