Are you a Neurotology patient?

Do you have a Balance/Hearing disorder ?

You need Neurotological Consultation!

If the answer to any of the following question is YES.

  • Do you have a feeling of movement or a feeling of spinning/whirling when actually there is no movement ?
  • Do you feel giddy or a sense of surroundings moving when you suddenly change posture i.e. sit up or lie down or suddenly     look up or look down ?
  • Do you feel unstable or a sense of falling when you are walking ?
  • Do you feel unduly unstable when moving the dark ?
  • Do you feel unsteady off and on or you cannot stand erect with eyes closed and feet close together ?
  • Do you have a fear of always falling or stumbling ?
  • Do you feel that you are drifting to one side when you are walking ?
  • Do you feel unduly giddy when looking at moving objects e.g. a car passing or people moving in an escalator ?
  • While walking, do you feel you are not sure where your feet are falling or a sensation that your steps are not falling where you went them to or do the visual surroundings appear to be jumping/ oscillating as you walk ?
  • Do you have a difficulty in hearing normal conversation from a distance of 8 feet or a whisper from a distance of 3 feet ?
  • Do you feel that you can hear people talk but have difficulty in understanding what they are saying — i.e. spoken word appear jumbled up ?
  • Do you feel that you hear comparatively less in one ear ?
  • Do you hear whistling/buzzing sounds in the ear or in the head when actually such sounds are not there ?
  • Do you have a sensation of blockage/heaviness one/both ears ?
    Do you require to raise the volume of the T.V. which is uncomfortable to other people ?


You will need NEUROTOLOGICAL investigations / consultation if your answer is YES to even one of these questions.